Queer in Alabama
I'm not that different. Just gay.

An Introduction

I don’t really consider myself very “queer” in the webster sense.  I’m not oddly different from the people around me.  As a female, I just don’t dig the guys in a romantic or sexual way (friendly way?  sure!).  My life partner is a woman.  Lots of Alabamians have women life partners!  A lot of those people are men, but so what?

So why did I title this blog “Queer in Alabama.”  Well, “queer” seems to be the term a lot of southerners use to refer to homosexuals.  For instance, I am not out to my parents yet.  That will happen very soon, but I’ll get to that later.  Still, my  dad has told me on a couple occassions that I “look queer.”  He said the guys don’t like that.  *hint hint dad?*  Another example, my mom volunteers with someone she refers to as “queer woman.”  So when titling a blog about being gay in Alabama, “queer” seemed like the appropriate word.

I was born 2.5 miles down the road from where I currently live.  I wasn’t raised in this city.  I actually grew up 20 miles north of here, where my parents and family still live.  I moved away to college, and upon graduating, bought a house in the city I was technically born in.  I did not plan to stay around here.  I was going to move to Florida, or North Carolina, or just… not here.  But with my parents getting older and me being their only hope of someone to take care of them, I decided to stay.  Now, my parents are very much home-bodies, so the 20 mile barrier actually works pretty well.  They hardly ever visit me.  But I’m close enough to be here when they need me.  I can visit them and not have to stay the night.  That’s a wonderful thing!

I fell in love with a woman while attending Bible college.  Yes, conservative Bible college.  Imagine the confusion when this very Christian, conservative girl could not deny what she was feeling for another girl.  Perhaps I’ll go into more detail later.  I don’t really consider myself Christian anymore (another long story), but I won’t let my parents know that.  It’s hard to land a job with a very Christian degree, even around here, and being gay and not really a believer anymore, I knew I needed something different.  So I’m back in college, again, this time at a public university earning my degree in Computer Science.

As for my fiance, (we plan to marry as soon as it’s legal here) she graduates from the college we met at NEXT MONTH!  And that means that the closet door can swing wide open after she has that degree.  (Of course, she could get kicked out for being gay, so that’s why we’ve kept our relationship a secret from a lot of people.  Most suspect we’re together, but they won’t ask us directly!)  This blog will record that experience.

Enjoy viewing the world from my perspective.  It’s really not all that different from everyone elses’.


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